Wedding Style & Colour

Dressing for one of the most important days of your life!

BrideYour wedding dress is probably the most important style choice you will ever make!

Knowing you look absolutely fabulous on your wedding day takes away worry and stress and allows you to know that you will ‘shine’, both in person and in your photographs.

The colour of your dress is so important, white does not suite everyone and nor does ivory – there is just the right shade out there for you and it helps to know what to look for. Then if you choose a style which flatters your body shape and your personality, you have the perfect look!

Whether you are the bride, the bridesmaid, one of the mums or any of the men in the party, a colour and style consultation can really set you on the right road to find that fantastic, dress or outfit for the big day!

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The Bride

BrideAs the bride, do you know whether pure bright white or maybe ivory would be the very best choice for your beautiful wedding dress?

How about the style that will most flatter your body shape?

I can help you choose the perfect dress, which will suit your personality, colouring and body shape.

I can be that objective pair of eyes you need when choosing your wedding dress or the best colours for your bridesmaids!

Take some of the stress out of choosing just the right dresses for the most important day of your life.


BridesmaidsHow do you get all your bridesmaids looking fantastic in colours and styles that really work for each of them?

How about a great girlie evening to look at everyone’s colour and to talk about style?

Call me for special group rates  07742 445243

Mother of the Bride or Groom

mother of the groomAnd what about the mums?

In amongst all the very important focus on the bride, who helps them?

As mother of the bride or groom, you want to look fantastic on the big day, with an outfit that works well with all the colour themes and really suits your personality.

I can help!

The Groom

bridegroomWhat should the men wear?

Let’s not forget the men, colour & style matters for them too!

What style of suit will work best with their body shape and the theme of the wedding?

Should they choose a bespoke tailor made suite?

What colours work for them and fit in with the wedding colour scheme?

Know that you look and feel great for your wedding!

Take some of the stress out of your wedding plans - call 07742 445243

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