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‘I always enjoyed my coaching sessions with Sandra at Friends Provident. She helped me to evolve my team into a very strong results orientated business unit. She had a good understanding of the overall business including its stresses and strains which helped to drive through new approaches. Furthermore Sandra’s insight into people’s personalities and their drivers via Personality Profiling was invaluable.’

 James Gatoff Director of Group Communications and Chief Executive Office at Friends Life Group

If you are an individual building your own business or career, an SMEs  or a larger organisation, coaching or bespoke development programmes specialising in getting the right message to your clients through personal presentation and focused communication can be the answer to motivation and business growth.

You are your business!

Who you are has a huge impact on how you do business and how you communicate and build relationships with your customers whether you work for yourself or a part of a large organisation. It is therefore vitally important that you explore and discover clear ideas for how you want to present yourself, using your natural strengths and personality, in your business and learn key tips to ensure that you are doing this in a way that will promote and grow your business or career.

We can explore your own or your employees natural style through profiling, coaching and team development, building trust and confidence to utilise strengths and identify challenges which can be addressed and for which solutions can be put in place.

Changing your career or taking on a new role?

How can you use your strengths and personality to build your confidence to make the impact you need?

Which of these profiles fit you?

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Creating your own unique personal brand – individuals

Creating your own unique personal brand – corporate

I will help you discover your values and motivations , together with your strengths and challenges which impact on how you  grow your business, how to present the real you to your clients, both through physical presentation (how you dress) and through interactions and relationship building.

Thus enabling you to ‘ Be Yourself – More – With Skill & Style’ in your business, growing your confidence and building a consistent, coherent business.

Some questions you might ask yourself are:

  • What impact do I make on new clients? What 1st impression are they left with?
  • What are my natural strengths – how can I use these my in business/career?
  • How conscious, consistent and coherent is my image in my business/career?
  • Do people know what to expect when they deal with me?
  • How well does my business align to my values?
  • If someone was promoting me as a business person, what would they say about me? Is this what I want them to say?

Call me today at Totally You Consulting to talk through how I can help you present the ‘Real You’ when building and growing your business or career.

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Are you a Senior Business Woman? Do you want to make a strong positive impact in your career? I specialise in working with women who fantastic at what they do, are climbing the career ladder and want to know how that extra impact within their profession.

Sandra gave me career coaching over a period of about nine months. The experience was exceptional. I was able to focus on a number of issues in a safe yet objective environment. Sandra challenged me to think differently but also supported me to find practical and pragmatic approaches to developing and enhancing my skills. For me at this stage, it was helpful to have short, time-limited coaching input, but I am sure I will work with Sandra again in the future at other key points in my career and development, as her input was invaluable.

Vicky Whelan – Director at Ernst & Young

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