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For Business and Personal Success

“A man should look as though he chose his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and then forgot all about them” ~ Hardy Amis

If your image conflicts with the message you are trying to convey, you will have a very difficult task getting the right message across. Personal branding is a key element to business success.

Colour &  style are the secret to great personal branding.

Colours which work well with your skin tone can help you look:

  • Younger – Facial shadows and lines will be less prominent
  • Healthier – skin will appear clearer, eyes brighter
  • More Confident – People will focus on your face, not your clothes

A colour analysis consultation will show you the colours which look great on you and speed up those clothes buying sessions by letting you just focus on the colours you know work best for you.

If colour is the secret to good image, then style is the finishing touch which helps you make that all important impact and adding gravitas in working life and an easy self assured confidence socially.

Choose from

  • Men’s Colour Analysis – 1 ½ hours
  • Men’s Stylist Consultation – 1 hour
  • Combined session – 2 hours
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‘Sandra has a wonderful way of encouraging confidence during her personal styling sessions. Confidence in her ability to help you, which she does in a very supportive yet professional way, and confidence in yourself, so that you feel free to look and be your very best. Now it’s off to the shops!:)’

Stuart Kerslake – Being In Business Ltd

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