Colour Analysis Consultation for Women

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‘Sandra has a wonderful manner, very calming and leads you through a clever process of helping you know and see exactly what is the best option of colour and style to suit your skin tone and body shape. She will make you look good, feel great, feel more confidant and save you money in the process.’

Do you ever wonder which colours really bring out the best in your skin tone, make your eyes sparkle and give you that healthy glow?

Do you wear a lot of black because you have been told that it makes you look slimmer, and because, let’s  be honest, it is easy?

Do you feel nervous of wearing colour?

A colour analysis session can help with all these challenges

It will show you:

  • Why some colours compliment the undertones of your skin better than others
  • Which colours look best on you and how to wear them
  • How to use colour to accessorize
  • How to use colour to coordinate your wardrobe
  • Hints and tips on make-up colour and application

Choosing to wear the colours which really compliment your skin tone, can make you LOOK & FEEL GREAT!

Then if you add the style which reflects your lifestyle and personality, together with and understanding of how to make the very best of your natural body shape, how amazing could you feel?

Book your session today- Look & Feel Great for 2012 - Call 07742 445243

Choose from:

    • Women’s Colour Analysis with makeup – 2 hours
    • Women’s Colour Analysis – 1 ½ hours
    • Group overview session – 2 hours (minimum 4 people)

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