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Building your Personal Brand – You Inside and Out

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Step 1 – An individual coaching session using the Talent dynamics profile to discover your natural talents and personality. This will enable you to set your business or life goals based on who you are and where you get most satisfaction and enjoyment. We will also start to look at your values in this session with a view to using them further in step 3. Session time – 90 mins

Step 2 – This session is about how you present yourself. We will either discovering your own unique colours and style or the first time or refresh any earlier work you have done here, so that your personal style will align with your natural personality traits. We are doing this in a group workshop, which is fun and really adds to the understanding of how colour & style works for different people. Half day workshop

Step 3 – This group session is where we bring it all together – we look at your personality and your colour & style and add in body language and use of voice. With all these elements we can help you understand and create a personal brand either just for yourself or for you in your business. Half day workshop

Step 4 – We finish with an individual coaching session, talking about how you can use all you have learned through the programme to really promote yourself and your business most effectively for future success. Session time 60 mins

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