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Cool & Warm Colours 

This is a big one! Colour can make a huge difference to the impression you create. It needs to be appropriate to your environment, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring.
Black and a very light colour including white is a very authoritative combination and can cause others to become defensive if not worn with care. However if you combine black with a more striking colour (if your skin tone allows this – it can overwhelm some people) it becomes interesting, whilst still being powerful.
A more approachable business colour is navy, especially when combined with a medium strength pastel. This encourages good communication.
Red is a great colour to draw attention and can look dynamic worn the the right way. If you have a strong natural personality, wear red in small quantities.
Take care with colours such as lime green, orange or yellow as they can be perceived as frivolous in the workplace. If you love these colours and they express your personality, consider adding them in small doses or in your accessories as you can remove these easily if you need to quickly change your look.





ConfidenceKnowing your style and the colours that work for you can add to your personal confidence. If you know you look good you can forget about what you are wearing and concentrate on doing what you do best!





verwirrte junge Frau


In the context of clothes which compliment who you are, this is important. However, don’t let comfort become sloppy as comfort over style can cause you to fall short when making a strong positive impact.








How do you use colour in your wardrobe? How confident are you of your look? Using colour and style to boost your confidence really works!

How do I dress appropriately for my age?

It is always a dilemma – how do you make sure you are dressing in a way that compliments your age? For me it is not a question of what clothes are right for what age group, it is much more about the styles and colours which work with, your body shape, your skin tone, your personality and your environment. It is not about fashion it’s about what works for you and makes you look fabulous!


 Here are a few tips which may help:


  • Forget about the size label, make sure that your clothes fit well – no gaping buttons, over tight tops, trousers with pockets which poke out as they are too tight on the hips etc.
  • Think about your body shape – does the material work with your shape?  Softer material which flows with your curves.  More structured fabric which compliments your more angular figure
  • Ensure the length of your dress/shirt works for you – hemline finishing at a narrower part of your leg, either just above or just below the knee
  • Choose colours which flatter. Remember that as your hair colour changes, some of the stronger shades could become over powering (This does not mean wearing only pastels as they may well wash you out) just go a shade or two lighter.
  • If you like to be in tune with fashion, add this through your accessories as they are easily changed to keep up with the trends. Accessories are the magic touch which transform an outfit!

 Something to think about – if a person saw you first from behind, would what you are wearing give them a clear impression of what to expect when meeting you face to face? Clothes which compliment your appearance and make an amazing first and lasting impression!


 If you would like some help to build a wardrobe full of outfits which boost your confidence and speak of who you are and how you want to be seen take a look at my Colour Analysis, Colour & Style Sessions or Wardrobe & Personal Shopping Sessions. Alternatively give me a call on 07742 445243 to see what might work for you!

Dating again?

Are you are facing the dating game again!

I speak to many ladies and some men too who find themselves in this situation, maybe due to a break down of their previous relationship or sometimes having been widowed. It can be a very difficult step to decide to look for the next relationship and this is often not helped by low self confidence and a fear of being rejected.

For some one of the key things holding them back is their appearance, they no longer feel confident in how they present themselves. How do you dress to meet a potential date at the pub, at a restaurant, for a walk in the park? How do you ensure that you are not over dressed but that you show you have made a real effort? Are you dressing to suit your personality – this is one of the key things you are trying to get across to your date, so it really helps to make sure you feel comfortable in yourself and that you clothes point to who you really are. It is important however, if you are a very relaxed person, to still show that you have made an effort to look good for the occasion!

May be it is quite sometime since you have been in this situation and have no idea where to start to make a great first impression and yet still be yourself. How do you ensure that you look stylish and yet don’t end up dressing too young for your age? This is often something people worry about a bit too much. If you are wearing something which really suits you and your body shape and is appropriate for the occasion, it is unlikely to look too young for you.

How you look and feel when you leave the house for your date will impact significantly on your self esteem and confidence.

Knowing how to dress for your personality, colouring and body shape will boost your self esteem and allow you to go out there with confidence, looking fabulous!

I can help you discover the very best way to present yourself for who you are NOW! You will then be able to build up your wardrobe over time, so that you know just what outfits to choose for each occasion.


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