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Hi, my name is Sandra Collins and I am a qualified Style & Image Coach who loves to work with individuals and small businesses, helping people discover more about who they are and how they would like to present themselves, both socially and in business. It is all about bringing out the ‘Real You’.

As an Image Coach I will  help you bring out the very best of yourself using colour and style. This is not about making you into someone else; it is about discovering your natural style and the colours which make your eyes sparkle and your skin glow! You will be able to dress to suit your body shape, making the most of those bits you love and disguising those you dislike.

I am also a qualified coach and Talent Dynamics Flow Consultant, this enables me to help you complete the picture. I work with you to understand more about your personality, strengths and challenges so that you can bring the very best of your talents to your business and career. IMAGINE! How successful could you be if you worked to your strengths understood your challenges and made an amazing visual impression! Want to know how?

Give me a call - 07742 445243 or send me an email at

My Background

Having spent 20 years in corporate life, working with sales, leadership and coaching, I  noticed that so much of who we are is caught up in self esteem and confidence and this is then reflected in how we form relationships, both at work and socially and the impact we have on others. How we look and our degree of self awareness can really impact on our business and career success.

Combining my well established coaching skills with an insight into personal branding and how we use clothes and style to make that all important personal impression is a great combination and has now helped many clients to increased success in business and socially, raising confidence levels and gaining a real sense of who they are.

The value of Individiualism

My approach is based on a strongly held value of individualism. To me this means working with clients to bring out the very best of themselves, based on their life style and natural physical shape.

We can all look good and feel great about oursleves, so why not find the ‘fabulous, successful you’?

I love working with individuals and groups and my focus is always about fun and personal discovery.

Call me on 07742 445243 to talk more about how I can help you make the very best of who you are achieving greater business and personal success!

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