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Personal Appearance – Dressing for success

‘I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sandra, she understood my boundaries instinctively and worked within these. The results have been brilliant.’
Katie – Financial Director

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Do You Want To Look Good And Feel Great?

Shoot photo cropColour style & image coaching can help you discover the REAL YOU and dress to suit your unique personality. I specialise in working with senior business women, however, whether you are a young professional, a stay at home or working mum, a granny or any and all of the options in between we all deserve to look good!

Knowing what to wear for an interview, how to dress for a wedding, what to wear to work, a fantastic social occasion or just how to look great in casual clothes everyday can give you amazing self confidence!

man with red jumperI would love to work with you to help you discover how to dress for your body shape and to discover through colour analysis,  what colours suit you best to make your eyes sparkle and help you look younger and healthier.

Brand yourself for success! Personal appearance has a major impact on personal and business success. We all know that first impressions count, when you get it   right, it will not only work visually for those you meet, but also inject that extra confidence to deliver your very best on the day!

Whether meeting a new client, attending an interview or in a social situation, being ‘Yourself with Skill & Style‘  is the key to success.

At Totally You Consulting I can offer you a service which helps to align YOU with your career and or business – making sure that first impression counts!

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At Totally You Consulting I offer options to work with all budgets.

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‘I really felt that Sandra was enjoying the experience of transforming me, it seemed that it mattered as much to her that I was able to present myself as attractive and confident as it did to me! I have had many comments about how nice I look;  my face as well as my clothing and I have referred several of my friends to Sandra.

It hasn’t cost a lot – I haven’t bought many new clothes, I only wear the clothes I know suit me and it makes such a difference to my confidence which needed a boost, and I got so much more!

So… If you really care about the impression you make on other people, if you want to feel confident and attractive at any age, if you want to save a lot of money long term – SEE SANDRA! If you want to find and express the real you – SEE SANDRA!’

Judith Davis – Spinal Breath

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